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NEW ZEALAND committee  /  JAPAn committee


•           Formed in 1974, the Japan New Zealand Business Council (JNZBC) is New Zealand's longest standing business organisation within Asia.

•           The JNZBC has National Committees in New Zealand and Japan. The Chairman of the Japanese Committee is Mr Kiyotaka Shindo, Chairman of Oji Holdings (parent company of Pan Pac Forest Products, and Oji Fibre Solutions). The Chairman of the New Zealand Committee is Mr Ian Kennedy, previously New Zealand Ambassador to Japan (2007 - 2012).

•           Membership of the New Zealand Committee is open to private sector companies, individuals, government agencies, regional economic development agencies, industry associations, and educational institutions engaged or interested in the promotion of trade between New Zealand and Japan.

•           The New Zealand Committee meets bimonthly for planning purposes, oversight of the accounts, and other administrative matters.  Following each Committee meeting we hold networking functions with invited speakers. This is open to all members and the Japanese business community, as an opportunity to engage and exchange information to better connect NZ Inc and Japan Inc.

•           The JNZBC holds an annual joint conference, alternating between New Zealand and Japan, to discuss key developments and the outlook for the trade and economic relationship. This is an important networking event that enables our members to learn about trends and opportunities. 


•    Promote business opportunities and strengthen trade and economic ties between New Zealand and Japan for the benefit of our members, as well as the broader business community. 


•    Create opportunities for members to hear from guest speakers and learn from one another what is happening in Japan, where the opportunities lie, who to see, and how to do business.

•    Provide a credible voice to Government and through the media on New Zealand’s business relationship with Japan.

•    Facilitate connections and share information among our members.

Objectives & Activities

•    Provide a platform for New Zealand companies and individuals interested in trading with Japan to access information and networks that are not readily available to them individually. We seek to complement, not duplicate the work of MFAT on trade policy, and NZTE and other regional economic development agencies on trade promotion.

•    Arrange regular networking sessions with guest speakers from New Zealand and Japan designed to enable NZ companies to exchange information and build relationships that contribute to the growth of their businesses.

•    Work with the Japanese Committee to organise the annual joint conference to address issues of common interest; build personal relationships; and share information for further growth in the trade and economic relationship between New Zealand and Japan, benefiting both countries.

•    Maintain effective communication with New Zealand Government Ministers, officials, and regional economic development agencies to ensure ongoing exchange of views and information.

Benefits for Members

•    The JNZBC attracts membership from the top leadership of Japanese companies with interests in New Zealand (and vice versa). The annual joint conferences are a unique opportunity for New Zealand companies to engage with the top level of corporate Japan.

•    For companies with established business relationships with Japanese companies, the annual joint conference provides a focus which enables scheduled company discussions, hosting of important customers, and showcasing product.

•    For companies looking to get into the Japanese market, the Council performs an enabling, connecting and information sharing function, drawing on the experience of its members to help new entrants engage with Japan.

•    The JNZBC provides access to a wide network for members to engage with:

⁃                      Japanese businesses (large and small) and their representatives based in New Zealand;

⁃                      New Zealand businesses (large and small) engaged at various levels in the Japanese market;

⁃                      Government and business organisations, and regional economic development agencies;

⁃                      the Australia NZ Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ).